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 “Create sustainable livelihoods for our farmers, provide their children with a hopeful future, and stimulate growth in the Haitian economy.”   - Cafe Kreyol’s mission statement.

At Red Rooster we are extremely proud to once again partner with Cafe Kreyol founder Joey Stazzone to bring you our Organic Haitian Bleu.

Cafe-Kreyol-Joey-sorting-beans.gifWithout the means or opportunity to export their coffee to the rest of the world, many Haitian farmers are left with an abundance of their high quality coffee. Sadly, there are those who exploit their poverty, paying basement rates for premium coffee.  Without any other options, countless farmers accept next to nothing for months of hard work and must continue to live in desperation. Cafe Kreyol was created to provide a real solution for this tragic pattern.

Having come out of times of poverty and hopelessness, even including prison, Cafe Kreyol founder and CEO, Joey Stazzone has experienced life at its darkest. In 2012, he traveled to Haiti in search of a coffee bean that was unlike anything in the U.S. and eventually, on a mountain in northern Haiti, he found what he was looking for - a typica varietal of coffee of the same strain as the famed Jamaican Bleu - and Cafe Kreyol was born. With the support of local coffee farmers, a co-op was formed and farms became certified organic in order to provide consumers with an all natural product free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.


Cafe Kreyol’s primary focus in Haiti is to create jobs that will pay workers enough to provide for their families. In fact, they pay their farmers over 2.5 times the Fair Trade rate. Education is vital to Haiti’s recovering and growth, which is why a portion of the additional money is used to send farmers’ children to school.

Haitian Bleu is grown at high elevation in limestone and clay soil, under the heavy shade of Haiti’s remaining tropical forest, giving the coffee a naturally low acidity with a smooth, sweet, and very clean finish. 


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