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La Amistad (“friendship” in Spanish) Estate was established in 1940 by Jorge Zeledon Castro as a coffee farm and nature reserve that sits on over 23,000 acres. Castro designated a portion of his land to 22 poor families to create their own coffee plantation and many of those families are still farming the land today. La Amistad provides housing and training for farmers and works to ensure that the government will continue to provide services and infrastructure in the area. The estate is located in the Talamanca Mountain Range on the border of La Amistad International Park. 95% of this land is dedicated to being a natural reserve, while 5% is utilized for coffee and fruit production. Clear, fresh water that runs from the rainforest to the farm is used both for the mills washing process and to generate power to run the machinery.  


In the late 1980’s, the Montero family, the current owners, began to cultivate the coffee organically and in an attempt to retain the integrity of the rich biological setting, left bands of rainforest between the parcels of coffee. These bands act as a corridor for the wildlife and ensure that the farm has minimal, if any, impact on the diverse ecosystem. Grown in an altitude between 1,200 – 1,500 meters, the coffee is hand picked, fully washed and sun dried on cement patios. La Amistad is bright and crisp with tangerine & honey sweetness and notes of clove in the aroma. Medium roasted.  Purchase La Amistad HERE

What makes a cup of coffee great?

The enigmatic coffee bean is a puzzle to be studied and enjoyed over a lifetime but never solved. The perfect cup of coffee lingers with sense memory - the rich smell of a familiar coffee house, the touch of a hand, the chill of an early morning walk, the sun rising over the mountains, and of course the coffee itself; brightly acidic, surprising in its sweetness, bold in its intensity, and ethereal in its complexity. At Red Rooster, we love coffee and we are constantly striving to make your next cup the perfect cup. Luckily, it is a mission that is neverending and always satisfying. Thanks for visiting our site and please don't hesitate to call or email with questions or comments.



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